«By now, the skin on my back must have turned into leather. My gaze follows the horizon, the washed-out sky above, the glaringly brown soil below. In the far distance I spot the strangly precise volumes barely lurking above the surface of the desert. I was looking for these forms, unlike anything else present in the desert. Meticulously carved curves, long straight edges and perfectly plane flats set in the earth. It’s a few miles to the next village, I am somewhere in Nevada, in the middle between Reno and Las Vegas. But this is not the city of lights – this is the post apocalyptic antithesis of Las Vegas. And I am not in the desert – I am sitting in front of my screen in my office.
Since Michael Heizer started digging his humongous and obsessive land art oeuvre in 1974, the access to the mile long sculpture is prohibited. While there are a few images available on the internet, I wanted to experience the meandering space in person. With the help of satellite images, I sculpted the city out of polygons and calculated the photographs on the computer in front of me.»

2016, In collaboration with graphic designer Benoît Brun