Where there are cameras, there are people is a interactive installation, autonomously interacting, photographing and collecting the portraits of the visitors. In three sections of the dispositive, the work traces the topics of dematerialisation, transmission and materialisation of images. While the interaction between the visitor and the three robots (abstractly resembling three paradise birds on roosts) first is playful, the true nature of the interaction gets revealed to the visitors along the installation. The three collectors are each connected to a series of networking cables, flowing in loose waves to the final point. In the section of materialisation, the visitor is confronted with a thermal printer continuously printing the collected portraits of the visitors, revealing the true character of the installation. The work thematizes the hyperobject of the connected camera being the materialisation of the vast system of cameras, manual and automatic postprocessing algorithms and machine vision enabled cameras.

2017, Le Cabanon, Espace d’art Contemporain, Université Lausanne.
Object Oriented Officina (ooof.ch, Lison Christe, Pietro Alberti, Florian Amoser)
fluorescent plexiglass, 3D prints, custom electronics and code,
cameras, facial tracking, microcomputers, ethernet cables,
server and thermal printer. 25 x 4 x 4 m